For most baby boomers and their parents, the American Dream was a house, one or two cars, and 2.5 children. We planned to work until age 65, and then magically live our Golden Years happily ever after on Social Security and a generous company pension.

Unfortunately, the truth today is that one out of four people will run out of money during retirement. The land­scape of retirement has changed significantly. The days of working at the same company for an entire career and retiring comfortably with a Social Security check and pen­sion is no longer a reality for the majority of modern-day retirees. More and more, retirees need to rely on their own savings and investments to generate income in retirement as fewer and fewer companies offer pensions.

We are at the beginning of a huge transformation from an old economy to a new one, and are facing such a massive change that it is often hard to fathom. Mod­ern retirees also find themselves envisioning an active and fulfilling retirement—full of traveling, spoiling grandkids, picking up a new hobby, volunteering, or starting a small business. The concept of settling down or even slowing down in retirement is quickly becoming a thing of the past as today’s baby boomers transition into this exciting stage of their lives.

In this incredible era of innovative thought and new technologies that bring change and progress, we must also think and manage our retirement money just as creatively. In addition, although today’s retirees have worked hard to accumulate wealth, they may not be aware of the many options for protecting and growing their money during their retirement years.

Since information on everything under the sun can be found online, you might think that you could just click on a web page or download an app and it would solve all your financial problems. That is not the case. That’s why we wrote this book: to share a powerful new approach to understanding and managing your money so you can enjoy an active, fulfilling retirement.

The fact is that traveling, hobbies, and grandkids require more cash flow and income than Social Security and pensions will provide. This book focuses on how to make the best use of your nest egg once you transition from your working years to retirement. Sunny Side Up will shape your thinking and ultimately give you a proven strategy for how to effectively crack open your nest egg in retirement. Having the right mindset, understanding fundamental financial concepts, and working within the right strategy are the keys to making sure your retirement savings will be there to see you through the retirement you envision.

Sunny Side Up offers an innovative, refreshing approach to generating income from retirement savings. This book explores and explains many of the common emotions and fears you may face as you manage your finances through retirement. In the next section, we will take a deep dive into three concepts that are critical, yet often misunderstood by most retirees: time horizon, sequence of returns, and dollar cost averaging. These three concepts are woven into a powerful strategy—The Bucket System—giving you a road map for how to structure your nest egg to generate consistent and reliable cash flow throughout retirement.

Finance and investments can be complicated. Your retirement income strategy doesn’t have to be. Sunny Side Up will give you the knowledge necessary to sim­plify your finances and will help you live a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement.

When you are planning for retirement and eventually retire, you are faced with cracking open your nest egg. You have only one chance to get it right. This essential handbook will give you the insight and tools necessary for that success.

Chapter 1


Think back to when you first learned to crack an egg. Were you baking cookies with your grandma? Were you making breakfast with your dad? Or were you cooking meals for yourself when you moved into your own apartment? Whatever the case, reach into your memory bank and visualize the picture of you learning how to crack an egg.

Like most people, the first few times you cracked an egg, it did not go according to plan. If you tap too soft, it does not crack. If you tap too hard, the egg splatters all over. Then, the next step challenges us to figure out how to pull the egg apart without pieces of shell falling into our recipe. We can all relate to using a spoon to scoop out small pieces of shell that have fallen into our frying pan or bowl.

The nice thing about learning to crack eggs is there are plenty of eggs to practice with. If you make a mistake, you simply reach into the carton and grab another egg. With each attempt, you get better and better. And before you know it, you are a pro!

When it comes to retirement planning, there is a type of egg that often steals the show. It’s called the nest egg. The nest egg is the money you have set aside for your retirement. First, it’s the money you plan to utilize for income, and second, it’s the money you want for those various bucket list items you didn’t have time for during your working years. Your nest egg, and how it is managed, will have a significant impact on how you spend your golden years.

When the decision is made to retire and you are now faced with “cracking open” your retirement nest egg, there is only one chance to do it right. There are no extra eggs in the carton to practice with.

The decisions you make with your nest egg will affect the way you live your life in retirement. How you invest it, draw income from it, structure it, and think about it will play a major role in the overall outcome of your finances in retirement.

In this book, you will learn important retirement planning concepts and strategies that will change the way you think about money, especially retirement money. Our mission is to educate you about the pivotal things you need to know to help ensure a full and prosperous retirement. Ultimately, this book will show you how to crack open the perfect nest egg—Sunny Side Up.

A Look At What’s Ahead . . .

You are about to embark on a guided tour of our time-tested core retirement strategy.1 But first, it’s critical to


lay a solid foundation. There are several vital thoughts and concepts you should learn to ensure you will truly grasp just how powerful this core strategy is for you and your retirement plan. These concepts serve as the building blocks for the strategy behind the perfect nest egg. In order to understand our strategy, you first need to understand the concepts.

We will begin with a brief discussion about emotions. Money plays a significant role in your life and, naturally, there is a lot of emotion tied to it. Because there are many different fears and concerns retirees face and overcome throughout retirement, these emotions are discussed separately. Then, your nest egg’s worst enemies, taxes and inflation, will be explored. And last, there are three critical concepts you should become familiar with: time horizon, sequence of returns, and dollar cost averaging. For those of you who feel you have a deep understanding of these concepts, they will be explained much differently than you have heard them explained before.

Once you have a suitable grasp of these concepts, attention will shift toward unveiling our core retirement planning strategy known as The Bucket System. Then, you will be given a detailed analysis of types of investments, and when to use them, with this strategy.

Gaining a strong understanding of the material in this book is absolutely vital to cracking open the perfect nest egg. To help you in this endeavor, several videos are designed to walk you through all the concepts and the core strategy. These videos can be found at www.mysunnysideup.com.

Overall, this book should have a significant impact on how you manage your retirement money. It will serve as a source of clarity and confidence when it comes to thinking about your nest egg. Your retirement nest egg should generate a predictable and sustainable income stream for you and your family for many years to come.

1 All investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal, and there can be no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful.


When it comes to retirement planning, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to sit down and put together a plan. The plan should take into account your goals, needs, and wants. It should factor in your desired lifestyle, life expectancy, inflation projections, return projections, income stream projections, tax brackets, etc.

The concept of Growth and Income Buckets is not a template. It is a foundation. There is no one-size-fits­all ratio between Growth and Income. Some people need 20% of their nest egg in the Income Bucket while others need 90% of their nest egg allocated toward their Income Bucket. Everyone’s situation is different. A plan will utilize the necessary information needed to determine how much income needs to be generated for someone. That will guide how much of the nest egg goes into the Income Bucket.

After a plan is compete, it needs to be implemented. Once implemented, it should be monitored and maintained. Adjustments should be made, if necessary, to ensure staying on track toward the goals.

It does not matter if you are retired, soon to be retired, or a long way from retirement. It does not matter if you have a lot of money or are just starting out. Either way, a financial plan is needed and should be monitored on a regular basis.

The Growth and Income Bucket System is a phenomenal strategy that can easily be incorporated into anyone’s retirement plan. It is a common sense, practical strategy that has helped many people transition into retirement with clarity and confidence about their future. When implemented correctly and monitored regularly, it will change the way you live your life in retirement.

It is never too early or too late to start planning. No matter your stage in life, it’s important to make sure you are on the right path. You won’t even know the path you are on unless you sit down and crunch some numbers. Planning isn’t easy, but it is a critical part of achieving your desired goals. Now you know what you are building toward and how to structure your nest egg. One day it will be time for you to crack open your nest egg—Sunny Side Up! 9 

9 www.mysunnysideup.com is available as a resource to gain a deeper under­standing of the different retirement planning concepts discussed in this book.